It Works! Still.

I breath a sigh of relief because my computer still works, almost identically to the way it did before, to the untrained eye. Earlier today I converted the D: partition of my laptop from FAT32 to NTFS (let’s not EVEN get into the details of why). The entire operation took a minute or two and went great. So tonight I thought, “Well I should just go ahead and do the C: partition too. Get it over with, have the latest and greatest, quit obsessing over it and pull the trigger.”

So I did. But this time the operation didn’t take 2 minutes. I was more like 15. And it had to reboot first. And this operation was on the boot partition. The one where windows, all my programs, and an awful lot of my data lives. At least the really important data. So the conversion process ran and ran. At least I thought it was running, as there wasn’t any kind of progress report. Just a blue screen with a few details about the disk space required to do the conversion and a line saying that the conversion was in progress.

So finally it finished, booted, and Windows started. And I breath a sigh of relief, and am awash in a slight feeling of gratitude (slight because tomorrow’s land mines are still awaiting). Whew. Again I say. Whew.

Why, you might wonder, does a basic operation cause me so much trepidation? Experience.


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