Star Wars, 30 Years Later

In 1977 I was lucky enough to see Star Wars the first week it was released, thanks to a cool older sister who had a college professor that raved about the movie. Last night, and 5 sequels later, I watched the first movie again on DVD. As great as the movie, perhaps the best of all the Star Wars movies, I have a few small problems with the movie. They are all made with respect for the Star Wars series, and with acknowledgement of the fact that when Star Wars was made, or Episode 4 as it’s now known, there was no guaranty that any sequels would be nade. And thought I sake “how fake” when I saw the first battle cruiser, the special effects stand up after all this time, as do the costumns and most of the acting and story. Though I think Mark Hamill was hired because he was cute as much as for any acting abilit.

*)The Imperial boarding party searched Princess Leah’s ship too quickly.

*)The escape pod should have never been alowed to escape.

*)The Escape pod should never have been allowed to reach the planet surface.

*)The droids should have been captured before they got very far. R2D2 should have not been able to navigatge the sand at all.

*)Why did RD2D fall over after the Jawas shot him?

*)How could R2D2 escape from the Skywalker compound so quickly, again navigation being a problem?

*)Why was Luke still given the surname skywalker when he was hdiden from Darth Vader (again, Lucas probably never dreamed he’d be making all 6 movies, and Skywalker is a pretty cool name).

*)Luke moved on a little too quickly from the death of his surrogate parents.

*)Could Anikan not have known that his wife was having twins, given the advanced technology?

*)When the Sand People see Luke and decide to capture him they run to the Banths(?) , yet these animals move extremely slowly, and would not be the preferred mode of transportation when in a hurry. Walking would be faster, and certainly less obvious.

*)When Impirial landing party arrives on Tatooine one of them is seen riding on some kind of giant reptile, again slowly, and with great difficulty. This seems very un-Empire-like, given the speaders and other technology they usually use.

*)Leah Inconsistencies: Princess Leah seemed to have a British accent when she first meeds Vader. This accent seems to disappear in all following scenes. Also, after her rescue Leah severely criticizes Solo for not wanting to take part in the attack on the death star, but she later defends him to Luke for voicing similar criticism.

*)Why didn’t Chewbacca receive a medal, along with Luke and Han, at the end of the movie? He was present during the rescue of Princes Leah and at the battle against Darth Vader and his forces and encountered the same risks that Han and Luke did.

*)C3PO’s attachment to R2D2 is stupid. After all, they’re just machines. Of course they are present for entertainment value and comic relief as much as advancing the plot.

*)The sword fighting in 5 and 6 was kind of cheesy and slow.

*)Darth’s voice. After seeing episodes I through III it just doesn’t seem right.

Still, a great movie despite these ‘flaws.’


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