Podcast Mania!

Ok, now that I’ve got podcasting figured out, and I’m paying to host the first one, I can add additional ones for free and just piggyback off the original. Here’s the James Messick Fast Formula

Think up a name
Get a corresponding Gmail account
Get a corresponding WordPress account
Create a post, linking to an mp3 file somewhere (do this before next step)
Get a corresponding Feedburner account, turn on SmartCast & SmartFeed (Under Optimization tab)
Voila! The only ‘tricky’ stuff is that you have to have a host somewhere to host your MP3 files and you have to ‘hand code’ the link to that in your post. Latest podcasts are a personal one for Sandi, one called Yesterdays News, and an ALR Lost Episodes podcast. Oh, ane REOphile, the REO Speedwagon podcast. And GrouchCast, for when I feel like complaining. I guess I could/should turn LeoWatch into one, too. BRB


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