Getaway With Sandi!

"Fill up the catfood bowls and grab a suitcase!" That was the plan three days ago as we decidded to take a last-minute weekend trip to the mountains. So two days ago we loaded up suitcases, computers, and the coffee-maker and headed for Boone, NC. The weather was beautiful, and after a longer-than-planned detour on the Blue Ridge Parkway we arrived at our destination, The High Country Inn on Highway 105, in Boone, NC. (

The "inn" is a large place that dates back to the 20's, though I suspect is's been added on to in the last 40-50 years. It isn't a 3-Star place, the the price is right, the beds are comfortable (and quiet), house-keeping is adequate and the staff is friendly. There is a restaurant on-site, a small indoor-outdoor pool, exercise room, sauna and hot tub. The staff was kind enough to switch us to a ground-floor room so we didn't have to climb two flights of stairs, especially good since Sandi's babying one of her knees. We were surprised that the big water-wheel that the place is known for was gone, but the original was worn out, and the replacement is currently being built. There were ducks, at least a pair-a-ducks, for feeding and a fish pond, too.

Friday night we splurged on dinner at Makoto's, a japanese steakhouse. This was Sandi's first time at a Japanese place where they cook at your table, and we both enjoyed the show and the food. At $48 the total was beyond my normal comfort range, but it was one of those special events that you treat yourself to once in a while.

On Saturday we slept in and then begin our days excursoin with lunch at Mr. Original's Greek Restaurant. Sandi had the Gyro and I had the meatbal sub. We shared fries and a sticky, delicious, warm piece of baklava for dessert. We got another greek pastry to go, a Katifia or something. It looks like shredded wheat and the waitress said it was similar to baklava.

We spent the afternoon exploring the shops at Blowing Rock. It was a little cool, but the sun was out and we had a good time enjoying art, craft and candy shops, and we didn't even spend a penny! Afterwards we munched on some fast-food and lounged around the hotel room.

On Sunday morning (this morning) I had breakfast with my friend Kevin, who was in town as a judge at the Appalachian Guitar Festival. Sandi and I checked out and I took her on the driving tour of Boone, showiner her the new buildings at ASU and identifying the ones I still recognized. I also shower her some of the places I lived when I was a student, and downtown Boone, which she's ready to go back and explore.

We stopped at Dee-Jay's restaurant in N. Wilkesboro for the great buffet! Super country cookin'. Sandi enjoyed the salad the best. I enjoyed he vegatables, biscuits, and cherry cobbler. Of course I 'sampled' the soup, country style steak, ham, chicken, and barbecue, too. Sandi sampled the cherry cobbler twice, and then helped me with mine.

My sweety was able to get a nap in on the remaining drive back while I caught up on a few podcasts. It was good to see our home in the same shape as we left it and the kitty was glad to see us come home to give him some treats, love, and freshen up the food bowls. I'm hoping Sandi will participate in a podcast with me to tell about our fun vacation.


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