Hallelujah, What A Savior!

What a wonderful Easter service we had today. An outdoor service at 8:30, then breakfast, then n indoor worship service and musical. I was kind of drowsy during part of the music because I didn't get enough sleep last night, but it was wonderful. My faith has been renewed since last weeks revival services, and it made the resurrection celebration more meaningful and wonderful.

I wish Sandi could've been there but it was still good. I worked all afternoon in the yard yesterday, and it's looking pretty good. I wish Sandi could get out and enjoy it. I hope soon she'll be able to start enjoying the weather and being out.

Yesterday dad and I went around to the cemetaries putting flowedrs on the graves, lilies mostly. It was a beautiful day and the cemetaries were beautiful with all the people cleaning grave markers and placing flowers. We went to Forsyth Memorial, Old Salem, and then Macedonia. I was glad I could do that with Dad. We then picked up some cheeseburgers and had lunch with mom, who's doing much better recovering from her hip surgery. 


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