Ruling Owl’s Roost!

I went MTB'ing at Owl's Roost Trail today. I parked on Strawberry Rd, and rode out to the trailhead, which I rode to the greenway, and then took the road over to the Burr Mill Trail, which I took back to the car. I road 7.6+ miles in an hour and ten minutes or so, which was pretty fast for me. I only had to get off and push once (at least that I remember). My back as pretty sore near the end, so I was taking breaks every few minutes to stretch out, but aerobically I'm doing pretty good. I even remembered to come back the back way, instead of taking Bryan Blvd to New Garden, which saved me 4 miles coming back.

After getting home and cleaning up I went to Elizabeth's Pizza for one of the Elizabeth's Special Pizza. I haven't had one in a long time, especially since discovering Freschetta brand frozen pizzas, which are about as good as one could hope for. But with my birthday coming up and no food in the house I thought I could treat myself. I was shocked when 'the girl' rang it up for $19.25. The never were cheap, but that's almost $2.50/slice. Oh well, happy birthday to me. It was as good as I remembered, at least. 


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