Riding Less Than Grand Canyons

I actually had a very good ride today, exploring the Ess Elle trails. I actually entered the network via a new trail today, but only accidentally. There were several trees down over the trail, including one HUGE on. THe trunk must’ve been nearly four feet across. And it broke off about five feet above the ground, so I figured it must’ve been dead, rather than a storm. Near the trunk you could actually walk your bike under, and the trail was being re-routed that way. You could actually smell the wood, so it hasn’t been down long. I parked my bike beside and took a picture, but the stupid camera phone deleted it. Maybe I’ll take another soon.

I soon found myself near the end of the ‘canyon’ that I found the other day. I’m not sure if it’s the same place I used to ride around, emphasis on ‘around’, though. I might a couple of young guys there, and then I rode through the canyon. Not as bad as it looked, though it would be if you tried to walk it. Quite exhilirating! I then went back to the road and went to the regular trail-head, and rode as usual. Fun and a good workout.


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