Back To The Canyons.

Back to the Ess Elle trails today, and I think I found the 'real' canyons. I rode the usual trail, not taking any shortcuts, and then went left instead of right where the trail forks. Going right leads to a couple of good bowls and then exits. The way I went, after a few bad log crossings, lead to some fine single-track and then came out at the canyons, I think. By that time I was pretty disoriented, and mainly wanting to find my way out. Fortunately the road was close, though you couldn't really tell where the lake was from the canyons. From the road it was 1.16 miles to the gate, where I'd parked my truck along the road. Next time I'll be able to go right to it and explore some more, just 1.16 miles and then into the woods, heading right. Should be at the canyons in a couple tenths of a mile. Better get a tune-up first, though. I can't get into the big chain-ring now and had chain-suck several times the other day.


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