Comatose Computer

My laptop is in a coma, which is very depressing. It is under warranty so I can send it in and get it fixed. I just hope the hard drive isn't dead. I'm suspecting either the mother board of the power supply. I do back up, but would've backed up a little more frequently if I thought I'd be facing this. And of course it was that computer that was set up for recording podcasts, had all my latest software, and financial records on it. At least I still have a desktop computer to use, and it sure is nice working with a real keyboard and a mouse. I'd forgotten how much nicer. We still have three working computers in the house between Sandi and me. 

Sandi's computer is running great, as I gave her a memory upgrade for her birthday. I was trying it out and it's really fast even with a number of programs open at the same time. She managed to lock herself out by changing the password but we were able to get back in, fortunately.   


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