Riding On The Horizon

Yesterday I rode at Horizons Park, so I guess I've hit about all of the major mountain bike trails around here lately. Tanglewood, Ess Elle, Hobby Park, Owl's Roost, Bald Eagle, and Horizons. Oops, I guess I left out Country Park in Greensboro. Or Reedy Fork. Both are worth riding, but each is further than the last. Reedy Fork is ok, but not that great. Country Park has some fun parts and can be pretty hard.

I had a good ride at Horizons Park, though. Not as grueling as Hobby, but I was taking regular rest breaks by the end. I think I rode the entire Perimiter section with just one stop, at the ususal place near where it drops off. Where some people used to try and ride up from a lower section of the trial, but you can't any more. It does look like there's a new trail being made there, but I couldn't tell exactly where it went to. One of those things that I probably can ride but my inner chicken tells me not to.

I find that riding by myself I do tend to go faster in some sections which means more fun. I'd forgotten that there really are quite a few fast sections out there, and the trail was in good shape and very clear. I didn't see anyone else out there at all, just tire tracks.

After the Permiter brought me back to that double-track that leads from the parking lot I went left, downhill, and cut left at the 'T' sign instead of right on the 'P', which leads to that long uphill. I followed that section of 'T'rail around until I came back out on the double-track again. I went left on it, but this time road up the 'P' again, the long hill, but took the turn onto the 'T' from there. I guess I'll never be able to really understand how the trails go over there, the way they twist and turn, just like at Ess Elle, but I think I road it all except for a few shortcuts and one extra steep bowl that I did ride last time.

I was getting pretty worn out by now. At one point I could see the big field/pasture below the parking lot through the woods. That was just before I came to the double-track again. This time I turned right and climbed the hill back to the parking lot. It was only about 4.5 miles, but as always requires good bike handling and some hard cranking. I think the first time I rode there I was winded and ready to quit after 1 mile, so I guess by some measures I'm improving. It was never one of my favorite places to ride but I'm liking it a lot more after yesterday. There are still one or two hills that are too steep for me, or at least too steep for what I had left when I was faced with them yesterday, but other than that it's a good ride. There are some pretty steep downhills too, just glad my brakes had enough braking power left in them.

Would like to go back to Govenor's Creek in Sandford/Carthage, but at 80 miles each way I'm not sure when I'll do that. The bike shop, Storm Endurance Sports (formerly Fit To Be Tried) has Wednesday night rides there. fittobetriedbikes.com


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