Tangled in the Wood

I went out to Tanglewood Park this evening and I had my first biking fall since 'I don't know when' today. I was JRA, or just riding along (as in "I was just riding along and my wheel turned into a taco-shaped thing), when an invisible hand grabbed my front wheel and twisted it. Before I knew it I was belly-flopping into the dirt on the side of the trail. Fortunately there weren't any trees or sharp rocks or point sticks waiting for me to land on. I just hopped up, dusted myself off, and was riding again in about 10 seconds.

Other than that it was a pretty good ride, out at Tanglewood, I rode number #3 and then #1 for a total of 8.25 miles. Total ride time a little under an hour. I hear there are group rides there on Tuesday and Thursday. I might have to start checking them out.

I think I saw my old riding buddy leaving Tanglewood when I was arriving, but as 'old buddy' has a nice light Specialized I don't know why they'd have a heavy old Trek on the back of their car.


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