Owl’s Roost-Best Ride

Date: June 3, 2006
Distance: 9.48
Ride Time: 1:21
Average: 6.9 MPH Which seems impossible low.

Route: From parking lot on Strawberry Rd, I rode down the greenway to the Owl's Roost trail head. I followed the trail to the forl at 4.75/4.8 miles, at which point I took the right fork, instead of the usual left, which leads up to the greenway. I followed the trail and rode some sweet singletrack, though the track was actually wide enough to be a fire road, which I suspect it is, or either a maintenance road. At one point I saw a trail go off to the left, but I didn't take that one. Eventually this trail intersected with the main one, near the lake. Mileage was 6.00. I turned left and headed back the way I'd come. I think the aforementioned trail came back in at 7.42 at the top of the two long climbs as you ride out. Made it to trail head at 8.64 miles as sun was setting, then on to the car at 9.48 miles. I really don't understand how my average could've been only 6.9 as I thought I was really moving well for most of the ride, and had some really fast sections, and the greenway sections to get my speed up. Guess I was just enjoying myself too much.

This was a great ride, and no accidents, other than brushing my arm against a tree pretty good. Another time I'd stopped at the top of a hill and lost my balance as I was starting again. Fortunately there was a tree that 'caught' me. I found myself leaning against it instead of falling down a steep hill. Great ride. Did see 3-4 other riders, including one black guy, and a jogger.

Deer: I saw 4 deer. Actually I saw two lone deer and one pair of deer.

Great ride: Temp was comfortable, conditions were very good, just a little slick. Rode trail both ways, which was a lot of fun. Rode section I haven't ridden in a long time. Handled my bike well. Wasn't completely exausted. Got out before dark. Saw 2-4 deer and a big rabbit, and maybe a chipmunk. Or maybe that was the other day. Also I didn't get hurt. Even my back didn't hurt too much.
Equipment: Wore some new gel shorts and really liked them. Very comfortable and no chafing, even on a long (for me) ride. 


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