Dun, Dun, Dun, I Once Again Bite The Dust!

Ride #1

Great mountain biking today. This morning I met a knew riding bud. Ti works at the local newspaper and we hooked up for some riding via mtbr.com. For our maiden ride we met at my house and went to Bald Eagle trail. Ti let me lead but was never far behind. Whenever I rode across anything tricky I'd check over my shoulder and he was right there. He was also gentleman enough to let me lead for most of the ride, but on our way back I had him take the lead because I thought the pace might be too slow. He took off and I immediately fell flat on my belly. The invisible hand of a gremlin again, I guess. JRA. Ti wasn't out of site and he made sure I was all right. Other then a cut on the leg and some dirt, and a lot of injury to my pride, I was fine and hopped back on the bike. We finished with no more incidents. I look forward to riding with my new dirt pal regularly.


Ride #2.

After a quick sandwich Sandi and I headed back to Greensboro, about a mile past Bald Eagle to the parking lot on Strawberry Road. From there we road the greenway to Bur Mill Park, to the fishing pond, up the big hill, past the golf course, driving range, and swimming pool, and onto Big Loop Trail. Big Loop has always been a favorite of mine because it's wide open, pretty non-technical, and fast. Sandi had no problem other than one hill which we both ended up walking when we rode part of the trail in reverse. I guess that makes two new dirt pals in one day. How cool is that?

Speedy Gonzales

Leaving me in the dust

Thunder & Lightining


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