Finaly, customer service!

As ingood service from Verizon wireless. We got new phones in April. First of all we were put on a data plan that we didn’t want. I called and they promised they would remove it. They didn’t, it showed up on the most recent bill. Another call. After about 20 minutes and excalating to a manager they promised they’d credit $30 ($15 x 2 phones) on next months bill, but I’d have to pay for it this month. O-kay. I trusted them. Don’tknow if that’s accurate or not, but I did notice that my picture messages wouldn’t go through for a couple of days. Another call, to a very helpful woman who told me that set my account to text messages only (we pay $5 month to sent 250 pic and txt messages/month). She fixed it and even emailed me a picture to test it and stayed on the line. Excellent, the kind of customer service you always hope for. Thank you, unnamed service lady.


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