One Bike Down

Number 1, the FS Trek with the carbon-fiber frame, in in the shop until “Tuesday afternoon”, which is Independence Day, so I suspect it might actually be Wednesday before I get it back. Hopefully the repair/tune-up will get me through the rest of the riding season, and I hope that means a lot of rides. It might be getting a new bottom bracket, and it wasn’t shifting worth a hoot yesterday (don’t ride in the rain and then put them up without some lube).

Until Tuesday, or Wednesday, I’ll have to look to the stable. My default backup is my Schwinn Moab. Still a good ride, if not as plush as the Trek. I’ve also got my dad’s Specialized Hard Rock. It’s kind of heavy but it’s fully rigid, so it’s a nice retro ride. Unfortunately it wasn’t shifting too well last time, so I don’t feel like riding that.

If worse comes to worse I have the Huffy cruiser, and I even have my 30 year-old Schwinn Continental road bike. I had it tuned up about 15 years ago and I’ve ridden it at least twice since then. Maybe I’ll see if the tires still hold air before the summer is over. But for now, the Moab has a recycled tube in the back tire and my Time pedals on it, so it’s time to ride! 😀


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