Two weeks since the interview…

The interview that I thought went very well. For a job that I could DO very well, and that I think I would really like. (Small, growing company. Cool people). The job they said they’d be picking someone for in about two weeks. I’ve only been anxious about it for about 3 days now. I try not to get too excited about prospects, but you can’t help it sometimes. Patient. Patient.

Had a very nice weekend, other than some flooding in the basement. Watched the final stage (that made a difference) of the TDF and watched Floyd Landiw reclaim the leed at mom and dad’s, then went with dad to ‘the tool store’, and then to Walmart to help him get his first DVD player, and then home to hook it up. Watched the final,unexciting but nice, round of The Open yesterday. Tiger won. Sandi is slowly recovering from having a late tooth removed on Friday. I am more slowly recovering from paying for it. 😦 Ah, life. Expensive.


😀 Happy, Happy! I just received an email and I’m up for a second interview!


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