I Is Employed!

Hooray! After a long job search I found a great job (customer support analyst) with a great company (Workplace Group) in Greensboro, an easy 11-mile drive from here. It’s a small, growing company that provides support for companies as they follow OSHA regulations. I will be providing customer support, training, and hopefully some programming, as well as sys admin duties for the office. I start on August 15! Praise The Lord.


2 thoughts on “I Is Employed!

  1. WONDERFUL NEWS! I’m so happy for you. It’s been a looooooonnnggg time coming. I hope it works out well for you.

    I’m back from in Minnesota after visiting Michael in South Carolina. We both realized after I had been there a few days that while we are very attracted to each other and have an emotional and spiritual affiity, there is not a good match on the companionship level. I am far too extroverted and involved in art and music, and he is very introverted and political. Vive la difference! But as friends, not as lifetime partners. It stings a bit, but it’s better to be realistic and not try to force anything to work out.

    Let me know the new job works out!


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