Friends old and furry.

Stories of two friends today, the furry one is Inky, who was overdue for a pedicure. Sandi helped me trick him by luring him into the bathroom with treats. I then ‘wrassled’ him into the kitty carrier and hustled him off to Union Cross Animal Hospital. He weighed in at 14 lb 10 oz, post clipping. While he was in the back a saw a woman carrying a beautiful cat in. I went to hold the door for her and the cat HISSED at me when I went to pat. She the proceeded to purchase some eye drops and walked back out to the car. She was just carrying her cat around for nothing. Weird. The cat, Lillie, was a pretty one, though, and I was glad to see her. Inky made it home no worse for wear. Improved actually, and a generous round of treats or two or three and he’s as fat and happy as ever. We actually got some exercise tonight, which he always enjoys.

I had lunch with my friend Don at Elizabeth’s Pizza on Groomtown Rd. in Greensboro. He has a new car, one with a lift for a ‘scooter’ in it. Apparently surgery didn’t help his knee problems and it doesn’t look like there’s much optimism. Otherwise things seems to be going well for him. Elsie has a new job and both boys are out of the house, though one of them is turning out to be a power-user of credit.


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