A Good Kind Of Tired…

At the end of another work week! It sounds really good to say that, and I even received my first paycheck this work, which fortunately was baout $95 more than I’d estimated, when means $190 more every month. That’s great, since Sandi and I are trying to live on a budget for the first time. There’s still too much month left at the end of the money, on paper at least, and there are some categories that aren’t funded at all, but at least we aren’t living off savings any more. We finished our second night of the Financial Peace class and, surprisingly, she’s really showing a lot of enthusiasm about it. Today we started using debit cards and cash for everything, no more credit cards. Ok, I am going out of town for business in two weeks, so I reserved the hotel on that, but that’s an exception. It’s good to be a working man. Tomorrow we get her name on the signature card for the bank account that we’ll be using for all our spending and order her some checks with her name on them.


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