Verizon is pretty good as a carrier, but lately I’ve had some trouble with customer service. Three months and three calls to get some extra calling features removed from BOTH of our phone. Removed and not just changed to different ‘pay’ services. And since I thought I’d removed the features I certainly wasn’t using them. But Verizon wouldn’t refund the charges, since I couldn’t prove that that was what I asked for when I called. Since there notes didn’t mention it. I sent a very emotional feedback to them which, to their credit, they responded to within 24 hours. And they were sorry. And they gave my 50 free minutes. Big deal, I don’t even use the minutes I do have (at least I try not to). I guess if we do go over it will save us some money.

Actually it could save a lot of money. I was looking at their calling plans. With the “big” plans, like 2100 minutes, you only pay about 5-cents per minute. But if you go over your plan minutes they still charge about 40-cents/minute. Wow! I was actually debating the merit of going cell-only and dropping Vonage. I’m sure Sandi’d love to do that, but as aggravated as I am at Verizon right now I’m not sure I want to do that. Plus, if I were to do that it would be very difficult to ever go back. At least difficult to convince the sweeter-half to do that.


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