September 22, 2006 – Friday

Finished up my 4th day of training today! I’m not CAOHC certified, which means that I’m a certified Occupational Health Conservationist. In other words, I can administer hearing tests, among other things. I also completed the one-day training course for my companies software. I learned a few things (don’t ask too many questions, being one of them).

I also got my hands on a brand new Tremetrics RA 500 audiometer, just like the broken one we sent off a few weeks ago. I took the liberty of doing an audio test on myself in my office, which was much more quiet than doing it in a class with a bunch of other students and instructors. The results still show that my hearing is ok, but I have more hearing loss in my left ear and I’ve definitely lost some in the upper ranges (4K and above for the right ear, 2K and above for the left ear). The left ear results may have been a little high, as I wanted to be positive I heard the test tone before clicking, and by the time I did the right ear I figured that if I thought I was hearing the tone then I probably was.


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