Ultimate Turkey Sandwich

How to make a really good turkey sandwich, like my momma makes!

Bread – You can use the bread of your choice. I really like the bread made by Arnold bakeries, they have Multi-grain and oat nut and others and they’re all hearty and delicious.

To really make this sandwich excellent you need to toast it. My mom always made the sandwiches, put butter on them, and toasted them in the oven. That’s really good but it takes longer and I’m really bad about burning themm so I usually make them on toast and put a little butter on the outside of the toast as soon as I take it out so it melts into the bread and it’s just as good.

Next you have to put mayonaise on the bread. I use the real stuff, the low-fat mayonaise just doesn’t cut it with me. This is NOT a healthy treat. Put mayo on both pieces of bread. Sprinkle on a little salt and pepper.

Next comes the turkey. For an authentic sandwich you have to have real turkey, and what I mean is the stuff you have at Thanksgiving where you bring home the frozen turkey and thaw it out and roast it in the oven and carve it up. The stuff hanging on a rack at the supermarket with the bologna is not the same. Now I haven’t tried making THIS version of the sandwich with that, and it’s probably ok, but you know that nothing else is like REAL turkey. Sorry I didn’t send this out right after thanksgiving when people were more likely to have the leftovers hanging around. So slice up some turkey and put it on the bread.

Next put on a layer of lettuce. Nothing fancy, iceburg will do. This is the one ingredient that is optional. It doesn’t really add anything to the sandwich, except for some crunch.

Next, and this is really what makes this sandwich special: cranberry sauce. I use the cranberry jelly. Just put a thin, or not, layer of that on top of the turkey (or lettuce), and you’re done. You may think the cranberry sounds weird, but you owe it to yourself to try it. It’s delicious
and turns a regular sandwich into something fantastic.

For me the cranberry just makes this stand out as the king of sandwiches. It says “This sandwich is special” and you know it is because no other sandwich has the cranberry on it. It’s truly delicious. Good eats, as Alton Brown would say.


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