A Desire Fulfilled

For years I’ve been wishing I create some mountain biking videos, but I didn’t have a camera. Then I didn’t have an external helmet camera to hook to the camera, once I got a camera. Then inexpensive helmet cameras came out for a hundred or two, but that wasn’t in my budget. But finally the price dropped on the Tony Hawk helmet cam so I picked one up today. I researched them before and wasn’t impressed with the quality. Recently I’ve seen some better looking videos. The test mtb videos I took today looked fine, the only problem is that I completely messed up the angle of the camera before the good downhill runs. That’s life.
AND to make matters worse, I couldn’t edit the video in Screenblast (no picture) or the new Vegas which I just downloaded a demo of. Finally I was able to put all the clips in Windows Movie Maker and render an avi that worked in Screenblast, and I put together a little movie which I’m in the process of posting to YouTube and on Podshow.


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