Cruel or just unusual?

The big story for the last week of the new year, other than Christmas and the death of Gerald Ford, was the execution of Saddam Hussein. This was followed by an out cry of some that the hanging execution was not “humain”, and that it was wrong that video of the execution was made public.

Most of the media show images and video leading up to the execution, but it wasn’t hard (i.e. to find camera-phone video of the hanging itself, which I watched mostly out of curiosity. I thought that the execution was going to be performed publicly, as should all executions, but I guess video basically IS public, even if it’s shot behind closed doors.

I also feel that hanging is much more humane than some other forms of execution. It’s a quick process, much better than lethal injection, gas, or ‘old sparky.’ How ‘humane’ execution needs to be is a question for others to answer, but if I had to pick my method of execution I think hanging or firing squad would be preferable.

I liked the fact that he wasn’t kept on “death row” for a decade waiting fore appeals and for trials on all the crimes he’s accused of to be completed. He’d die of old age before that happened in this country.


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