In Defense of Internet Explorer

I am not usually in the role of Microsoft defender. As a company, they’ve done many stupid things and they do publish some very flawed products at times. But, Internet Explorer has the majority of the browser market. Coders should be coding web pages to work on IE first, only because they are in the majority, and then “fixing” the code for other browsers. This just makes sense to me.

I used Firefox as my main browser for years, but it was almost a daily occurrence that I would have to switch to IE because some website (primarily financial sites) only worked in IE. I liked Firefox because of the tab features, which are found in most browsers now. I also liked the add-on’s, which could have contributed to the pretty frequent crashes I’ve experienced lately. But until recently I was using Firefox, Opera (for it’s RSS features) and IE, because it was “easier” to do what I wanted to do. Recently, though, I’ve found that the combination of IE and Google toolbar is all I need.


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