My Neglected Guitars

I play classical guitar (CG). Occasionally. At the beginner level. I really enjoy playing traditional hymns on the classical guitar, but it’s hard to find music at the very basic level. Sometimes I will play just the melody line, but I wish I had enough understanding of music to add a few more notes to it.

I actually have two pretty good classical guitars that I like a lot. One is my original, “Number 1”, that I bought when i first took lessons when I was 20. I’ve always babied that, and a few years ago bought a similar one off eBay for $125 that I use for my every day practice. It has a nice tone but isn’t quite as good as #1. I also have my “beater”, a $25 job that I bought off eBay that i can drag anywhere and not worry if anything happens to it. i used to leave it at work when I was at Avaya and not worry about it being stolen. It never was. I would take it out into the woods at lunch and practice, which was actually a pretty fun experience.

I also have an old Stratocaster electric that I bought from Mark Smith, a guy I comuted to Vanguard Cellular with around 1989-1990, when I had moved back in with Mom and Dad. And I have an Alvarez six-string* that I’ll play with. I like it, but I like the finger picking more and more. You can finger-pick the steel strings, like Phil Keaggy, butg usually I just strum and and sing, things like Time For Me To Fly, and Thunder Road.

My biggest weakness is that I practice for a month or two and then drop it for months or years at a time.

*I think it’s funny that people call acoustic guitar’s six strings, since most guitars have six strings.


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