Freezers and Bandages

What a day. It rained all day, which meant the cats stayed in most of the day and are antsy. I took the Dodge over to my parents, the transmission avoiding 4th gear as it has for the last couple of months, to get a small chest freezer that my uncle is divesting himself of. It will be a nice addition to my kitchen. Uncle Richard is moving into an assisted care facility, but he looked good today, and must’ve been having a ‘good’ day.

I had a nice supper, mom’s beef stew, rice and green beans. Afterward I changed the bandages on dad’s arms. He’s very thin skinned and has fallen several times since his last chemo treatment. I think he needs a trip to a wound-care center, but you do the best you can.

Eight years ago today Christina went to Heaven. I miss that kid.


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