To Do, Ta Ta, and Joe. Get 'er done!

About a year and a half ago, or more, I learned of and embraced David Allen’s Getting Things Done system of self-management. While I was doing it I felt as if I was a super-productive organizational machine. At least relative to my regular day-to-day MO.

Somehow I fell off the wagon and back to my standard, inefficient, time-wasting ways.

So recently, I decided to repent from my less organized ways and try to recapture the magic, utilizing some of the excellent free online tools. The one at the core is TODOIST ( TODOIST is a ToDo list, but much, more. It is more of a project management list, which allows the user to create projects, with sub-projects, and assign tasks, with sub-tasks, to each. Tasks can be assigned priorities and due dates, and be re-ordered with ease. You can also list priorities in a variety of useful ways.

For “real” ToDo list, Ta-da List ( allows you to create multiple lists and check them off as you complete them. Short, sweet, and clean.

The third leg holding up my new organized paradigm is Joes‘ Goals ( I don’t know who “Joe” is, as it was created by a guy named Ian. It’s a way to list your daily goals, and assign them a point value, either positive or negative. You click and a check mark, or two, appears, tracking your success. It’s a way to keep up with the things you want to turn into habits, like brushing your teeth, or writing a blog entry.

There are many productivity tools on line, Remember The Milk, is one that you hear about a lot, but these are currently working great for me.


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