Efficiently Lonely

I made a real effort a week or so ago to start planning my travel, consolidating errands, and only grocery shop one day a week if it can help it. This is to save time, gas, and money. Meal planning is an unbelievably economical habit. 

But I didn’t leave the house from Tuesday to Saturday! Well, not past the mailbox! Wednesday through Friday I didn’t hit the pavement at all. 
Of course I made up for it on Saturday and Sunday, but still, I don’t know if that’s an accomplishment, or just kind of weird? I’m not sure of the last time I didn’t go anywhere for three days. 
Maybe I can be a survivalist. 
Actually, I found a Kerosene heater on Craig’s list, and am picking it up tomorrow. Gotta keep from freezing if the power goes out. I’m not worried that it will, but in event of a major outage I’m not counting on my house being a high priority, as remote as it is.

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