Meet The Meat…

…apologies to The Hitchhiker’s Guide’. Meeting, and eating, meat are something I’ve noticed I do much less frequently these days. I used to live by the slogan “meat at every meal”, but since I’ve been eating more deliberately, or dieting, meat shows up much less frequently. Once, maybe twice, per day. And in smaller quantities.

Breakfast is probably the biggest change. I used to eat fried eggs, maybe with some sausage or bacon, 2-3 times per week, or more. Now I’m more likely to eat a bowl of cereal, and coffee, or maybe a couple of pieces of toast. A waffle or poached egg is a special occasion.

Eggs do show up in thinks like quiche, along with some ham, cheese, broccoli, mushrooms, and any other goodies that look tempting. Also there was egg in some fried rice I cooked up the other night. I know, I know, fried rice isn’t exactly diet food, but I subscribe to the theory that total deprivation shortens the lifespan of a diet more than anything, so a plate of fried rice, as a meal and not just a side dish, seems reasonable once in a while. (Ok, the killer lasagna I made last Friday is pushing it, but a good portion of it ended up in the freezer for delayed joy)

So is it helping at the scale? A little bit. Enough to keep doing it. One of the nice things about eating moderately is that the amount it takes to satisfy one’s appetite diminishes rather quickly. And the good thing about cooking at home, and living alone, is that there are fewer culinary temptations in front of you.


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