The Inkjet Is Dead

Get rid of your inkjet printer and go out and buy a laser. It’s time.

I did this about a month ago, bought a little Brother laser printer for $50 after rebate (which I’ve already received). This is about the same price as a couple of ink cartridges. But the savings are only part of the joy.

It’s FAST! I mean it really spits out great looking black and white pages. While inkjets make claims of great speeds I’ve never been able to get more than a couple of pages per minute from my inkjet, and that’s when they’re trying to shake themselves to death in draft mode. Also, the laser warms up quickly. I can turn it on and be ready to print in seconds. Seconds later the print is out. And it’s dry.

Ok, I still have my all-in-one inkjet on the desk, but mainly for it’s trick of switching hats and acting as a scanner and a copier. As for printing photos, this is something I never got into. If I want prints I can upload them to Walmart photo, but mustly I just put them on the web or into email.


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