Last Month's Bandwidth: 36 Gigabytes

One month ago I started tracking the bandwidth used by my desktop and laptop computers. The first months total was 36 Gigabytes, give or take a hundred megabytes. I used BitMeter to monitor the usage.

The reason I did this is because cable provider Comcast recently ‘fired’ some of their broadband subscribers, and announced a monthly limit of 250 Gigabytes, or 250 Gb. They also said a typical user only used 2-3 Gb per month.

I don’t know if my ISP, North State, has any bandwidth restrictions, but I began to wonder abut how much I actually use. I don’t download “some things” like I used to, but I do update iTunes with a number of video and audio podcasts every day. I also watch videos on YouTube and other sites, as well as full length television programs on legal sites like Hulu, and others. I also did a big download of some free software.

So, bottom line, 250 Gb is a LOT of bandwidth for the way we use the internet these days. In a year or two many of us may be getting all our television over the internet, so 250 Gb might not seem like so much. And of course Comcast is only one company, but it IS a big company, and I’m glad they set the bar high.


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