Success On Healthier Eating

About a month ago I chose to adjust my eating habits. I chose to try to eat more healthy foods. More importantly I chose to eat moderately. I did great the first couple of weeks, and have been doing pretty well the last few weeks, though I have to admit that my standards have slipped in both the quality and quantity department. Not much, but enough that I’m aware of it.

But, I have lost some weight. And today I went mountain biking at Tanglewood Park. My biking this year has not been stellar. I get tired much more easily and my endurance is worse as well. The last time I rode at Tanglewood I had to bail out half way through, I just didn’t think I could make it up and down the hills, well, up the hills in the last part of the ride. So I rode back to the car via the parks peremiter road.

Today however I went the distance. Or at least most of it. I skipped the first part because I needed to find another rider and borrow a shock pump as my full-suspension bike was “bottoming out.” Luck was with me and I caught a suitably-equipped brother biker near the main trailhead. A few pumps and I was on my way.

The moral of this is that even just losing a few pounds, around ten, made a big differnece in my endurance. I also felt much better during the ride. It was enough that I see the need to kick things up a notch with the healthy-living plan. I’m not getting any younger, I can sure tell that, and I won’t get any lighter without focusing on the task.


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