Google is watching. REALLY watching.

Yep, earlier I used Google to perform several searches related to pellet stove, automated wood-burning stoves that burn wood pellets. I then quit the browser and turned the computer off for about four hours and left. When I returned to the computer I was reading email in Gmail and noticed that several of the adds were for, you guessed it, pellet stove related products. Also “new baby care”, and I REALLY don’t know what THAT’S about!

A lot of people are bothered by targeted ads, and by information gathering. I have always been philosophical about it, figuring that if you must see advertisements then it’s better to see ads that you might be interested in. This was my first encounter with this kind of “persistent” targeted ad. I’m not sure if it’s cool or just kind of creepy.

I’m a big Google user, using their mail, calendar, documents, photo storage, news aggregator and search, and probably several products that don’t come to mind. Oh yeah, blogging software. Thank you Google. Please keep with the “Don’t be evil” mission.


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