Authorized Abuser

I have a credit card account with CITI which, until recently, had no charges since January, over nine months. My ex, or ex-to-be, used to be on the account as an ‘authorized user’, meaning she could make charges and had a card with her name on it, though I “owned” the account. (Kind of like owning opposite ends of a horse). The charges were too extravagant for too long, so finally I told her to stop using the card. I told her not to make any more charges, and I would have sworn that I removed her from this account when I was taking her off of my accounts that she had access too. Fortunately there weren’t many.

About a month ago, she took out a $3,600 cash advance and racked up charges to the tune of over $2,000 more. I happened to discover this two days ago, and the bill came today.

As far as the bank is concerned it’s my problem, not theirs. I’m wondering if I have any recourse other than to get a judgement against her. Even this if iffy.

I am extremely disappointed in CITI for not flagging the account when all of this activity began. I mean $5,200 in charges in a single day, on an accout that hadn’t been used in almost a year? CITI must top the list of the worst banks that are still left. Bank of America is also on the short list. Chase Manhatten, too.


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