Change Of Season

We has a coooooold night here at Raccoon Holler. There was frost on the lawn and the tomato plants look like they took a pretty bad hit. The kitties seem to know enough to stay inside. I bumped the thermostat from 65 to 68, so it’s quite comfy right now.

I have a day of “admin” type tasks and lots of cleaning to do, as my sister is coming in from California tomorrow night and will be spending the night here, before going over to stay with Mom and Dad.

Refrigerator is over-flowing, though I can’t recall what all is in there. Turkey soup, turkey, and chicken-n-dumplin’s I know. Guess I can take off from cooking for a few days, but honestly the thought of any poultry isn’t too appealing at the moment. Though I could go for some stuffing and gravy!


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