Saw dad in the hospital tonight. I don’t guess his MRI showed anything, because the did a spinal today. On the bright side he didn’t seem confused tonight, which is the first time in 5 days I’ve been able to say that. Looks like whatever kind of Thanksgiving we have will be at mom’s house instead of mine. I’m assuming Dad will not be in the hospital 8 days from now. If he is then I guess I’ll have to get the house clean and we can still have Thanksgiving here, though I was hoping to be able to host it with the entire family here,i.e. Mom AND Dad while they’re both still living. On top of it my sister Rachel is in town, so it’ll be her first Thanksgiving here since 1981. Oh well, it was a nice thought.
Follow up.

We DID all get together for Thanksgiving at my home, and it was very nice all being together to celebrate it for the first time in 27 years. As I write this (June 2009) Dad is still around, and cancer free. Hopefully he’ll enjoy many more days on this earth.


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