My Sanitized Life

It’s often been said, and it’s sometimes very true, that it’s easier to talk to a stranger about some things than it is to talk to a friend or family member. I find the same is true of having a public persona on the internet.

Sometimes I wish that my audience, small as it may be, was composed only of people I don’t know IRL, or In Real Life!

When I first started using the internet I didn’t really know anyone else who used it. But now it seems that EVERYONE uses the internet. While it’s one thing to make a racey joke before strangers who are probably hundreds of miles away, it’s quite another to post a baudy cartoon if your mom might be looking in.

This is something I’ve pondered for years, but really had to come to terms with it when I got a request to follow me on twitter from my pastor. Not that anything I do is too shocking, but some people might be shocked at what comes from me.

A friend pointed out to me that preachers, not to mention moms, friends, and other acquaintences, ARE regular people. Regular or not, though, I’m still human and am not completely comfortable being ‘naked’ before the world, at least having my thoughts, some of which are poorly censored, available to anyone who happens along.

Maybe it’s self-acceptance more than anything. In any event, it’s something I still am coming to terms with, and more and more of us are having to deal with. It’s easy enough to ‘sanitize’ all your output, but that takes away much of the fun, and even the therapeutic value. So you do what you do.

Read at your own risk!



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