Laptop Drive Replacement

The Windows installation on my lapotp is old and sickly. It’s so bad that it takes about sevenminutes to boot up to the computer to the point that work can actually be done. Though the data is all backed up to an external hard drive, I just haven’t been able to bite the bullet and re-install Windows, for fear that somehow I’d lost some vital information that I couldn’t recover.

This week I ordered an identical hard drive to what originally came in the computer. The 80 Gb drive was $35, and $7 for shipping on eBay. The drive arrived in about 3 days and I was able to swap it outin about 10 minutes. I reloaded the original factory image and spent a few hours downloading updates and installing software.

The result for $42 and a couple of hours work is a laptop that runs like new! And if I have to I can spend 10 minutes and put the old drie back in. šŸ™‚


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