Yes. Blest.

A few of the things I have to be thankful for:

A life without strife.
My home ‘out in the country’, surrounded by nature with privacy and room for the cats to safely roam.
My three ‘sons’. Two feline and one canine.
My parents, still alive and kicking and living in their home.
A wonderful girlfriend.
A house that’s warm, dry, and paid for.
A good church, and the love of God.
Reliable transportation.
Free TV.
High speed internet, email and the web.
Google and all the other providers of freebies.
My cell phone, camera, and text messaging.
My laptop and desktop computers.
A riding lawn mower.
Aldi, Walmart and Food Lion.
Netflix & Hulu.
Fans and AC.
Songbirds, deer, wild turkeys and bunnies.
Hot water and soft sheets.
Reliable electricity.
Good food.
Free software.
The Fortress of Solitude, which gives me privacy and my own space.
Digital cameras, digital audio and wireless technology, including WiFi.


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