Aquarium Update

Day 5. I replanted the floating plant and added a little more gravel. It’s looking good, but desperately in need of some fish. I check Walmart and Petco last night but didn’t bring anything home. I was tempted to buy all 4 of the large fantails at Walmart but didn’t. I bought a 30-gallon setup off Craigs List yesterday, which came with a siphon/vacuum and some other equipment that will come in handy. I plan to eventually set up that in my bedroom. Will make a nice night-light.

Update: I went by PetSmart and ended up walking out with 5 small goldfish. At $1.99 each I couldn’t resist. Besides, it’s more satisfying to by them small and watch them grow than it is to buy the big ones. And younger means they’ll live longer, right? Anyway, I took my time letting the temp adjust by floating it on top of the water, then I dumped it into a bucket and added some tank water. Finally I scooped them out with a net and added them to my tank. After being in a 5 gallong tank with about 40 fish they must’ve said “where’d everybody go” when they suddenly found themselves in a 55 gallon tank. I immediately thought “I need some more fish”, but am going to hold off. They were looking so healthy by late tonight that I decided to go ahead and feed them a little, which they seemed to be happy about.


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