The Smartphone Balancing Act

Like so many, I have smart phone envy. In particular, Apple’s iPhone. There is much talk about price being the barrier to entry, and how the $99 version, i.e. last years model, opens the doors for more people. But the real barrier to me it the cost of the monthly service which, on average, comes in around $100. With voice, data, text plans it could be more.

I think of it as a chunk of my personal “communications” fee. For most, this is probably the (dying) home phone, cell phone(s), and home internet. I have a mid-range text plan for $7/month and my total is about $120/month. I’m “this close” to cancelling my Vonage (VOIP) home service, and saving $10, but moving to an iPhone will still move me to $140/month. Actually, at only $20 more than I pay now it doesn’t sound that bad.

Oh yeah, I’m still locked in to Alltel/Verizon for 7-8 more months.

And I’m not sure about AT&T.

Or the wireless service I’d get from them at my house.

An iPod touch would give me much of the fun, er, productivity of an iPhone but only when I’m within range of Wifi. i.e. at home.

Decisions, decisions.


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