Historic Videos

Thought this blog was only re-born in May of 2010, I’ve been going back and adding links to some of my old videos. Most/all of the videos are on YouTube, so the flash encoding doesn’t always do them justice. Soundtracks to some of the older videos have been updated to fall in line with YouTube copyright policy.

Older videos were made with aJVC mini-DV. Around March of 2010 I switched to a Sanyo Xacti. Both cameras take excellent video. In some ways I prefer the JVC, but I don’t like dealing with transferring video from tape to computer. The Sanyo records in HD and stores video on SD cards which I can insert into my computers card reader and copy. Also, the Sanyo has much better battery life and fits more easily into a camera pocket.

The biking videos were made with a Tony Hawk helmet cam, and many of the shorter clips were made with a pocket digital camera or camera phone. It’s all about the memories.


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