Thank you sir, may I have another!

Wow, just one of those weeks that takes a wrong turn. Down an unmarked road. At night. In the rain.

It was vacation week, although “week” seems a bit generous as it started a day late and ultimately had two days chopped from the end. At best an annoyance when you look forward to something all year, and for which you’ve paid four-months in advance. It was good while it lasted, it just didn’t last long enough. One of life’s little disappointments. Life just has a way of continuing to pile them on, however. But there’s no benefit to gripe about people and circumstances we can’t control. Just smile and wait for the next kick in the teeth. 😀

On the bright side, even though it meant leaving the Myrtle Beach timeshare to sit empty for the last two days, it was nice to come home to a dog who’s always happy to see me, and cats who are always happy to see their next meal.

And there’s always next year.


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