Day 1: Blue Ridge Tunnel & Skyline Drive

Had a late start because packing the food and clothing took longer than I expected. I also decided to take advantage of Krispy Kremes free donut offer for vaccine recipients. I made an executive decision just to slow down and enjoy everyday of this trip which had me leaving at 12 minutes after 12pm. First stop was at Sam’s Club to top off my gas tank.

A 3+ hour drive brought me to the Blue Ridge tunnel, or Frozen tunnel, a railroad tunnel in Afton, Virginia, converted for pedestrian use. It’s just 0.6 miles from the parking lot, all uphill, and then the tunnel itself is about one mile long. Bring your lights, is there or none within the tunnel! A bonus right now is that it is very cool, and a little bit damp, inside. Kind of like riding in the refrigerator! The tunnel is also an incline, but when you turn around it’s downhill all the way to the parking lot!

Next was Skyline Drive AKA Shenandoah National Park. A cute park ranger sold me my one year national park pass which also covered my days admission. I drove most of the way through the park, the rain was coming in it was a beautiful drive and I had to park mostly to myself. It’s very similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway but as it is a national park they do charge admission. At $80 depart past isn’t cheap, but hopefully I will come out ahead visiting other national parks.

Tonight I sleep in clearbrook virginia, courtesy of flying J travel center. Mileage: 345 miles. Expenses: Gas $41.84. Lunch: $1.11. Park pass: $80.

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