Day 2: Hagerstown Fine Arts Museum

I actually slept in this morning, not getting up until about 8:30. I deserved it after waking up with leg cramps seven or eight times, a personal best! Or personal worst. I made coffee and had cereal for breakfast and then filled up my gas tank. I was happy to see that the van got over 16 MPG, as I was worried that the solar panels would really hurt me in that area. Next stop was Walmart because I forgot my contact lens solution. Also picked up some bananas and chicken salad.

Instead of pushing on to Gettysburg and Lancaster, PA, I did some googling and found the Washington county fine arts museum in Hagerstown, MD. I spent a couple of hours enjoying the special Bernini exhibit, and other art on display. The museum is beautiful and the staff were very friendly and didn’t mind taking pictures. I did take a lot of photos of the art but photos are really not the same as viewing them in person so I only ask posting “a few.” Some people may take exception to my definition of “a few!” Interestingly, I found that a lot of the paintings look very dark in person but when viewed through a camera they actually appear much brighter.

After the museum I had a chicken salad sandwich and a short rest, and then drove to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. I had a shower at Planet Fitness and found a good spot for the night behind Cracker Barrel. Leftover tacos for supper, mmm mmm 😋! My battery was almost down to 50% and with all the rain solar isn’t charging as much as it could but I thought it was worth it to use the induction burner to warm up some tortillas and the microwave to heat up the taco meat! Cracker Barrel is one of those places that promotes overnight parking for travelers. The only other time I parked at Cracker Barrel was in Cave City, Kentucky, the night before I visited Dinosaur World and Mammoth Cave!

Mileage: 70. Expenses: Gas: $61.66. Groceries: $16.77. Museum: FREE!

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