Day 3: Gettysburg

After a pretty good night’s sleep with few cramps I headed towards Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Saw this colorful, candy-coated elephant along the way. It turned out to be an ad for “Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Shop!”

The Candy Elephant

I only planned for a quick survey of Gettysburg but the museum staff suggested I spend much more time. I ended up spending 7 hours between the museum and the rest of the sites. The museum entrance fee included the museum as well as a film about the battles of Gettysburg and admission to the Cyclorama, a 360° oil on canvas painting it is 42 ft x 370 ft!

After a quick sandwich I took the self-driving, automobile tour of the Gettysburg military sites. I thought this would be preferable to taking the bus and following their schedule. The tour is well marked and you can go at your own pace. Definitely the way to go. Gettysburg certainly has the monopoly on split rail fences and rock walls, not to mention monuments and cannons!

The final stop of the tour was at the Gettysburg National Cemetery. For some reason I have always liked cemeteries so this was saving the best for last. This was also the home of Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg. It did not disappoint.

Upon leaving Gettysburg I pushed on towards Lancaster, stopping at Primo Pizza in York for a meatball sub. This was just a few hundred yards past Harley-Davidson, but unfortunately they are temporarily shut down so no tour. Spending the night at another fine Cracker barrel in Lancaster, PA.

Mileage: 117. Expenses: Breakfast: $1.8 Museum: $15, Dinner: $13.22.

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