Day 4: Amish Paradise

Breakfast at Kate’s Kitchen, is how I began my day in Lancaster county. Technically it began it with coffee in the van, and a shower at Planet Fitness, but a fellow shower-ee turned me on to Kate’s! No pancakes here, do they do have eggs in the traditional breakfast meats, along with Amish cuisine like stewed crackers and baked oatmeal. I just went for baking, eggs and toast and later kicked myself for not being more adventurous! Definitely hope to go back for this stewed crackers.

Just across the street from Kate’s kitchen is the Amish Farm Tour. Run by non-amish folks it is a Amish style house with furnishings and arm, and the premium tour includes a bus tour of the local area which was the best part for me. We saw many Amish farms and people and the driver imparted lots of information about the Amish lifestyle. Following the tour I redrove some of the roads and took a few more pictures.

Amish Farm Tour Pictures

Just down the road in Strasburg is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. I drove down and took a few pictures, but didn’t investigate the museum.

By this time I was starving as my only lunch was an Amish whoopie pie from a local store. I headed to the Good and Plenty restaurant but decided I wasn’t hungry enough for the $27.50 family style dinner. I retreated to the parking lot and microwaved my leftover meatball sub from last night. A handy picnic table allowed me to observe the goats, turkeys and chickens at the neighboring farm. I’m mistakenly offered a bit of french fry to a chicken and he was my buddy for the rest of my meal. 😮

Since I had a few hours of daylight left I decided to head on towards Bethlehem. The country was so beautiful I found a place along the way to boondock. Looking forward to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Mileage: 90. Expenses: Breakfast: $13.59. Tour/Tip: $35. Gifts/Souvenirs: $35.60 😮

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