Day 5: Bethlehem, PA. Liberty Park

After a good night’s sleep I emailed a glorious sunrise, and took time and cooked a good breakfast. My favorites, coffee, corned beef hash and fried eggs!

Next I followed my start towards Bethlehem, by way of Allentown, the city made famous by Billy Joel on his album The Nylon Curtain. It was an interesting town, and it does seem to have seen more prosperous days in the past. Glad I took the detour, though.

I visited Bethlehem because I wanted to see Moravian University and seminary. I am Moravian on my mother’s side and always wanted to see the school. I walked around and took a few pictures. Go greyhounds!

The next stop was Liberty State Park in New Jersey, the departure point for ferries to Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty that Enlightens the World! I first saw the New York skyline but had no idea how it would impact me the first time I saw it. It was truly amazing, like seeing the Grand Canyon or something for the first time. Seeing the statue for the first time in the distance was even more exciting!

The first leg of the ferry trip takes you to Ellis island, where immigrants were processed. I bypass this and stayed on the boat to Bedloe’s Island, home with the statue. The statue includes entrance to the museum, a self-guided audio tour and Free run of the island. Admission to the pedestal and the crown are extra. I visited the museum and listen to a presentation outside by a park ranger, and then walked around the statue twice taking pictures, and taking pictures for other people. It is truly amazing. It is truly an amazing achievement.

Next I headed for Connecticut hoping to find some place to sleep and get a shower. I saw the Hudson River along the way and went across the Washington bridge. On the way to the Statue I thought I was supposed to go through the Holland tunnel but it looked like a bridge to me! I stopped along the way for some Chinese food which I ate at a park in New Haven or West Haven or one of the Havens in Connecticut. LOL

Mileage: 206. Expenses: Gas: $62.83. Ferry/Park: $23.50. Parking: $7.00. Gifts/Souvenirs: $22.76. Dinner: $7.25. Tolls: $34.70.

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