Day 6: Day of Rest, Eating and Driving!

First stop this morning was to Planet Fitness for a much wanted shower. I’ve been headed up the coast and visited Oak Street Beach in West Haven, Connecticut before finding my way to Be Free Evangelical Church, In Branford, CT. They had a great service. I knew all the songs and it was a good sermon on Corinthians 13 and they celebrated communion.

My next stop was Kamana Indian Cuisine. I love Indian food and splurge on a sampler. It was so much food that I was a little embarrassed when they brought it out, but I will get another full meal out of the leftovers! All of the food was excellent and the staff really treated me well. Would love to eat there again sometime, unfortunately it’s 650 mi from home, but you never know.

I’ve been working my way north, drove around mystic seaport in connecticut, through providence, Rhode Island, and towards Cape Cod, which I hope to visit tomorrow. Saw some amazing wind turbines here.

According to my weather app, I am currently in Plymouth, Massachusetts! I’ll be on the lookout for pilgrims.

Mileage: 193. Expenses: Lunch: $31.71. Gas: $53.32. Dinner: $2.41.

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